Month: 8 月 2006


Every morning there is a nightmare makes me wake up on 5 a.m., then with afraids to sleep down. There is always something strange, like WoW, kill, fighting, or something can’t be imagined when I was clean.

The cat didn’t reply my SMS last night, or it looks usual on this week. Sigh~


There is a bit tired for all members in the lab, all of us have a sleep this noon, but for most of us it’s useless, and someone was watching TV or play games. Anyhow, I don’t want to solve any problem anymore, and I hope to have a few days to relax myself.

Something was wrong…

We did a bad job on the recently warm up contests, and on the OnlineJudge, a CTU2002Open problem is puzzling me, I tried many ways to solve it, but all of them got a wrong answer… :(

This afternoon, when we falling a bad status on the contest, I used a paper to cut my finger bleeding… what a fool…

The Cranberries – Never Grow Old

很好听的一首歌, 一开始是在一个用WOW第一人称视角拍摄的一个小电影里面听到, 后来一直在疯狂的找, 可惜都被误导了. 后来在电台里听过, 在路过宿舍楼下的时候听过, 就是不知道名字, 凭自己的猜测歌词也不对. 昨天随手乱放自己电脑里面的歌原来本来就有, 看了看来源, 是CCTV5天下足球里面给巴乔离开时候专题片的音乐, 中文译成了<愿你青春永驻>, 有很多地方中文的歌词还是挺不错的.

下载是在上找到的, 有asf和mp3的, 其中asf好像都是天下足球里面的mv, 赞

A Highlight Plugins for Microsoft Writer

A plugins for Microsoft writer, it can makes your code with colors, a useful plugins for  loggers who always pasted codes on their blog.

Visite this site for information and download: Highlight4Writer

This is a sample used Highlight4Writer :)

#include <stdio.h>
#define MAX 1000

const int sub[10];

int main()
  int a,b;


编号.题目                    来源        简单说明
D3A.Bishops                 not found   简单公式题
D3B.Football Coach          not found   最大流
D3C.CLRS                    not found   DFS或者强联通分量
D3D.Sequence Again          POJ2478     筛素数法求欧拉函数
D3E.Intervals               not found   线段树
D3F.Matrix                  not found   矩阵构造+矩阵乘法

D4A.area                    not found   DP+凸包
D4B.Prime                   not found   求素数距离,筛法求素数到3*10^7
D4C.Traveling Queen Problem POJ2919     BFS+集合DP,BT题,我看标程都头大
D4D.Squares                 not found   BFS+Hash打表或双向BFS
D4E.Candies                 not found   贪心带硬搞
D4F.Card Game               POJ2062     最大匹配或者贪心

p.s.来源标注为not found均为目前还未找到来源的题,其中部分为KO原创,部分为


发信人: snoopy (Snoopy@T13), 信区: ACM_ICPC
标  题: 个人赛前两天题目来源
发信站: 珞珈山水BBS站 (Sat Aug 12 10:05:22 2006), 转信


编号.题目            来源        简单说明
D1A.dna             POJ1080     DP
D1B.Game            POJ1143     集合DP+博弈?
D1C.spell           POJ1035     直接硬搞
D1D.Frames          POJ1128     模拟?
D1E.Cable           POJ1064     转换成整数二分
D1F.2046            POJ1733     并查集+Hash
D1G.Transmitters    POJ1106     简单计算几何,算叉乘

D2A.Excel-lent      POJ2273     模拟,类进制转换
D2B.Dice            POJ1481     简单双重DFS
D2C.Rocket Height   POJ2276     初等几何,推公式
D2D.Slides          POJ1486     类匹配思想,硬搞
D2E.Lotto           POJ2193     DP,要用longlong
D2F.Optimal         POJ1480     BFS硬搞
D2G.Sequence        Tongji1004  贪心