Month: 9月 2006

Some Funny Words by Google

The under words are come from, which is translated from the last entry on my space. It’s amazing that Google is more intelligent now.

这是发疯. . . 大家发表意见的文章看到新闻,我们每天9日国家假日,现场出现院长办公室2日. 我怎么在9天. 很干净,但我没有选择留在实验室今年比赛训练. "我没有时间放松过,10月5日的50年纪念日的cqums(重庆大学医学科学,因而留在学校10月3日至10月6日,感叹没有时间再聚会. (所有男生在室内有精彩的计划. 集团的女友将于晚上武汉下,他们有很好的痕迹,避免假日为所欲为. 海阳定于10月1日在武汉女友,他们将前往女友学习,咸宁十月三日 我们放弃享受私人生活. Mengmeng是有计画前往长沙、武汉并不遥远,当然和女友. 我认为,所有的假期,还可以有很好的女友离开我,我在最贫穷的人住宿.

9 Days for the National Day Holiday

It must be crazy!!! Everyone air their opinions by the exclamation when we see the news that we have 9 days for our National Day holiday, which appeared on the site of Dean Office 2 days ago.

What can I do during the 9 days? The answer is very cleanly that I have no choice except staying in the Lab to training for contests in this year. My kitty has no time to relax too, Oct. 5th is the 50 years Memorial Day of their CQUMS(ChongQing University of Medical Science), so they have to stay in the campus from Oct. 3rd to Oct. 6th, sigh, there is no time for us to get-together. :(

All the guys in our room have an exciting plan. Gang’s girlfriend will come to Wuhan the next evening, then they will have a nice holiday to avoid our dalliances, and do whatever they want to. Haiyang will meet his girlfriend on Oct. 1st at Wuhan, then they will travel to Xianning where his girlfriend is learning now on Oct. 3rd, abandon us to enjoy their privately life. Mengmeng is planing to have a tour to Changsha, which is not far away from Wuhan, certainly with his girlfriend.

I’ve found that all the guys can have a nice holiday with their girlfriends, left me alone, I’m the most poor man in our room.

Waked Up By the Call

The last weekend I had a bad sleep because there is too many calls when I was asleep, the most unacceptably is someone called me up at 2 o’clock in the midnight, damn it.

Actually some are good, because the wake me up in the right time, make me not sleep too more, and have a good habit.

We Are Out of Order Recently

We Moonmist did a series bad work in the warm up contests, it seems that we are out of order recently. We can’t be the best one, and not the best one in our history, the result is not as good as we want to get. We have to find the reason, so we had a meeting to solve the problem, but nothing very available.

We need more hard work to be a strong team, fighting for the future~