Month: 一月 2007


今天听到 taotao 跟我说的网络分数, 虽然未必是最后成绩单上的, 虽然也还是上 80 了的, 但是, 依然不是我想要的结果. 跟 simple 聊, 聊以后的出路, 发现其实自己没那么强, 远远没有, 一切都不过是自己太天真太理想化.

昨天妈妈打电话说过年的事情, 好想回家, 马上就整整一年没回家了. 但是回去后又怎么面对老爸老妈, 这一年我究竟做了什么…

Wires 的钱都没赚到

前天晚上做的 SRM335, 终于从万劫不复的 Div II 跳到 Div I 了, 不过很郁闷的是 500p 还是挂了, 貌似是我初始化的问题, 本地的 MinGW 编译器跟 TopCoder 上的不太一样, 早知道就直接写一个 10^18LL 好了

房间第一奖金 $27.00, 比上次房间第二都少, 无语, 刨税后连 Wires 的 $20 都没有, 无语.

TopCoder 终于进 divI 了

不容易啊. 在蓝绿边缘挣扎了那么久, 终于变蓝了. 做了个房间第一, 不过还是不够理想, div Summary 到了 22th 还是 23th 吧, 500p 的挂了, 莫明其妙的挂了, 本地测是对的, 结果 system test 直接被第一个 Sample 给弄挂了.

anyhow, 变蓝了, 不过可能升的很慢, 因为前面一直做太挫, 并且貌似是有刀的, 还没到帐…

Life Is So Fragile

Yesterday a sophomore in our school dead because a traffic accident, sigh~

I searched some information about him, he is an excellent boy, with many awards, and good reputation. But such one, with no words before dead, leave us forever. Bless he can get a good life in heaven.

Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams

I’ve heard this song many time, but know its name on the Movie Show of BBS, Single Board showed a short movie, and used this song as the background. Everyone may be moved when he is on a uncertain status, or be lost himself in the music.

This noon wy*4 post his memo when he was in Wuhan, I noticed that he will be 20 years old in this month. But what may I record for the memorial when I am 20 years old?

StarCraft Again

I found that life is no funny, so there is no power for me to continue, I thought that I need a game to call me up, so, the one, StarCraft, a wonder Blizzard send us, be the first choice.

But my level is too low now, nearly a computer with a low AI, sigh~


数据库那个该死的大作业, 问题全在 Java 上… 用 Swing 写界面真是不爽… 太多东西不会了, 今天听说检查既然只检查有没有插入, 删除, 修改, 查找, 那就写一个简单的界面实现这些功能就好了

寒假要好好学习一下 Thinking in Java, 好好学学怎么写界面 >__<

嵌入式貌似也要交大作业了, 还有 4 天到 deadline, 快点搞定吧… 去实验室看看驱动接口怎么弄, 知道这个了就简单了