Month: 1 月 2008

What is Love?

Google 年度热门搜索关键词, 全球范围内 "What is ?" 部分最热门的是 "What is Love", ft. 不过话说回来, 谁又能定义一个完整可信的 "What is Love" 或者 "What is Happiness"? 不用说服太多人, 说服自己就好. 突然发现自己现在一点都说服不了自己有关 "Love" 或者 "Happiness" 的定义了, 自己现在做的事情和所处环境, 也许是若干月前拼命追求的, 但是现在看看, 我一点都不快乐.
记得哲人曾经说过(如果没有出处那就是我说的好了): 没有人能比自己更爱自己, 自己最爱的也只可能是自己, 对其他人, 最爱的人, 也最多是达到爱自己的程度. 可惜, 我现在都不知道怎么爱自己了, 我还会爱别人么? 无论哪种形式对什么人的爱. How to Love, 这个问题, 目前没有答案.

What is Love? and How to Love?

Google published the top search queries in 2007, in English, "what is love" is the most hot question in "what is ?" section. Here is the link: Unfortunately, I found that I really don’t know what is love now, who can tell me, what is love? I thought that I know what is love, and what is happiness, and I really do the right thing to get love, love others, and pursuit of happiness, but seems like I lost in the race, I can’t define what is love and what is happiness now. Happiness is not own much money, I have enough money now, but I felt that I lost more things. Happiness is not in a great place, work with great people, I’m working at a best company now, I still felt I’m useless, I made no valuable things ever. Happiness is? I don’t know, I can only give some answer that happiness is not.

Here is an other article that teach you how to love your life:, I think that many words are useful, although many sentence I’ve used to instruct others, maybe, I’m the real one who most need these.