96’s Final

This afternoon we did a practice contest, problems and data are come from the ACM/ICPC 96’s Final Contest. There is so many things looks strange, the English to draw the problems is hard to understand, we did a hard work to read and understand, it makes two problems which are very easy to pass be passed later than our estimate.

I got some reply strange either, a problem I used double to check the feasibility and got a Wrong Answer, but used float to got a Yes. Then another easy problem reverted a  Runtime Error for more than twenty times, because there is a mistake about the means of that problem others told me, I checked both n and t for the end of input, actually the t might be 0(zero), so I got more than 700 minutes penalty, sigh~.

Finally, although there is a good result as we hoped, but we still be the winner, 96’s Final is too old to the modern contests, the style of problems had been changed hugely, as I can get a better score on those contests.