Get Ready for the Regional Beijing

This Thursday evening we will travel to Beijing, then we need to do a extra work on this weekend. Tsinghua offered 10 Gold, 15 Silver, 20 Copper medals for the teams, more than Chengdu and Hangzhou last year, and less than Beijing last year, but I think that’s enough, and we’d better to win a Gold medal to prove us, and prove our Wuhan Univ. be strong. For Fudan Univ. got the qualification to the Final on Dhaka, Peking Univ. and Sun Yat-Sen(ZhongShan) Univ. got the qualification on Seoul, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. got the qualification on Yokohama, there is no more teams need to get the qualification, and according to the new rules, Tsinghua can’t join in the contest on their own site, I agree that if a team can get a Gold on this weekend then they’ll get the qualification, there is a chance for us, fighting for it~