The Lake House

The Lake House, or the Chinese name Chu Bu Dao De Lian Ren(触不到的恋人) of this film, make me to spent 2 hours on it.

I was puzzled why the name is Lake House but Untouchable Lover, then a dictionary told me that Untouchable is not a good word, and now I think Lake House will be more better.

There is a story about a couple of lovers, who apart by the time, absolutely two years. The only way to connect them is the mailbox in front of the lake house, a magic mailbox which can connect two years. But after a period, with something which makes the love uncertain happened, the lovers really separated then. Luckily, there is a good ending of this movie, they meet each other at the mailbox of the lake house.

It sounds like another movie based on the Jimmy’s book Turn Left, Turn Right, anyhow, better later than never.